1. How can I find out if I'm spending my Amazon PPC budget effectively?

With our PPC audit, we analyze your current Amazon advertising campaigns, assessing their effectiveness, identifying wasteful spending, and pinpointing untapped opportunities. This gives you a clear idea of how to optimize your spending and reduce ACOS.

2. Can I improve my products' visibility on Amazon without increasing advertising expenses?

Yes, through our approach to listing and A+ content optimization. We enhance product information and visual elements to increase their appeal and relevance to search queries, leading to better visibility without additional advertising costs.

3. How can Selleriti help me reduce the cost-per-click (CPC) in my PPC campaigns?

We conduct a thorough analysis of your campaigns and use targeted optimization, including clustering of the semantic core and broad setup of competitor targeting campaigns, to enhance the relevance and efficiency of your ads. This leads to higher conversion and reduced CPC.

4. How does creating professional advertising content affect sales?

Professional advertising content, including custom images and video ads, significantly increases user engagement and the appeal of your products, leading to sales growth and reduced overall advertising expenses due to more efficient campaigns.

5. What sets Selleriti apart from other Amazon PPC agencies?

Our unique approach involves using proprietary software and algorithms for developing complex advertising funnels and campaign optimization. A significant advantage is the experience of our CEO, Viktor Chernukhin, a former Amazon seller. Your product goes through a funnel of specialists from a marketer and SEO to a PPC specialist, increasing listing conversion, resulting in sales growth and reduced ACoS. This allows us to view your business comprehensively, not just from the perspective of Amazon PPC specialists. The seller's experience, unique software, and our specialists provide our clients with a competitive edge on Amazon.

6. How will Selleriti help reduce ACoS for my advertising campaigns?

At Selleriti, we understand that optimizing ACoS is a critical aspect of improving the profitability of your Amazon advertising campaigns.

  • We start with a detailed audit of your account and existing advertising campaigns.

    The goal of the audit is to identify key areas for reducing inefficient spending and increasing sales. Thanks to well-structured campaigns and our software, we identify not just targets but clusters of targets through advanced analysis tools, which helps us see inefficient spending and redirect it to effective combinations.

  • Immediately after the audit, we reduce expenses on inefficient targets and increase the budget on effective targets.
  • The next step is optimization by Time (Dayparting): We make a large dataset cut and determine the best time/days - we find patterns thanks to Big Data Analytics to find the most effective advertising times, thus reducing spending in ineffective times and redirecting them to effective ones.
  • Also, if advertising level work does not lead to a reduction in ACoS, a listing level analysis is conducted.

    We meticulously examine all aspects of the offer, including price, visuals, titles, etc., to identify and address root issues.

Our approach ensures a deep understanding and resolution of problems at all levels, ultimately leading to enhanced campaign efficiency and minimizing ACoS as much as possible.

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