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Using a broad structure of advertising campaigns, we not only attracted significant traffic to the new event-based product without reviews and FBA, but we also managed to achieve sales of $50,000 in a week, of which $30,000 were advertising sales with an average ACOS of 22%.



The client came to us with a new event-related product—t-shirts tied to the football game finale—without a single review and not using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), which significantly complicates the launch of successful sales.


Primary Objective:

In a short span of time, coinciding with the season's final game, we managed to launch the product, increase sales, and optimize ACOS.


Strategy in action:

We implemented our proven broad campaign structure using detailed analysis and optimization, employing our custom SkyRocket system setup to create a comprehensive and multi-tiered advertising campaign structure. We introduced various ad formats, which not only allowed us to reduce bids but also significantly expanded the reach of our target audience. This approach ensured high sales for a new product lacking reviews and FBA support, capitalizing on its relevance to the event and the market's rapid response.



From January 30th to February 6th, we achieved a substantial increase in sales, an impressive outcome for a new product without reviews or FBA support. By applying a broad campaign structure, we attracted significant traffic to this new product and realized sales of $50,000 in one week, with $30,000 from advertising sales at an average ACOS of 22%.



This case study proves that even a new product with no review history and without using FBA can be successfully launched and promoted on Amazon with a well-configured advertising campaign and timely event relevance. If you also have a product tied to a specific event, we are eager to help boost your sales with properly configured PPC campaigns. To sign up for a free PPC audit from Selleriti experts, visit our Contact Us page.

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