How We Increased Sales by $250,000 in 3 Months and Reduced ACOS from 64% to 34%

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In just three months, we achieved the set goals: increased sales by 174%, boosted organic visibility through PPC, and reduced ACOS from 64% to 34%. We successfully maintained these results throughout the year.



In this growing and highly competitive product category, the brand faced inefficient and costly advertising campaigns.


Primary Objective:

After analyzing the current situation, the goal was to scale the company's turnover through both advertising and organic traffic, improve the efficiency of ad campaigns, and thereby reduce advertising expenses. The target was set to boost organic sales through Amazon PPC, double sales, and halve the current ACOS.


Strategy in action:

In November 2021, we took over management of the client's account, which had ad sales of $357,238 and a record high ACOS of 64%. We created a Comparison Chart for the product listing to speed up customer decision-making and reduce the likelihood of choosing competing sellers. Our audit revealed that the client's product advantages were not being highlighted, so we added five key features to demonstrate the superiority of the client's product over competitors. We also implemented our unique SkyRocket setup system, focusing on an expanded structure of advertising campaigns, which allowed us to reduce bids and expand targeting.



Within three months, we achieved our goals: sales increased by 174%, organic traffic was boosted through PPC, and ACOS was reduced from 64% to 34%. We maintained this result throughout the year. Given the high competition in the niche and the client's significant account size, this ACOS is considered normal for this case.



With about 45% of Amazon buyers in the U.S. viewing only the first two pages of search results, and 26% choosing products from the first page, optimizing listings and search positioning is crucial for sales success. Our specialized software for campaign setup, combined with professional expertise, enabled us to meet and exceed our goals.

However, in November 2022, the client faced production issues, affecting campaign results. They are currently working to resolve this.

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