Doubled advertising Sales and maintained the performance for 1.5 years while Reducing ACOS from 32% to 28%

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We started managing the client's account in March 2022, with ad sales at $12,687 and an ACOS of 32%. Our task was to optimize these figures and stabilize sales. By December 2022, ad sales reached $24,119 with an ACOS of 23% due to our Sky Rocket campaign structure, precise optimization, and updated listings. Post-Christmas Sales, we maintained sales volume and ACOS, exceeding client expectations in January 2023 with sales of $20,836 and an ACOS of 28%. By December 2023, we achieved record results with ad sales surpassing $32,000 at an ACOS of 24%.



The client faced a significant increase in ACOS and a decline in sales, primarily due to the depletion of one of the key product variations (SKU) and an ineffective advertising campaign structure. Overall, the client struggled with efficient inventory management and weak stock planning. The previous advertising agency did not adequately address these issues, relying only on software auto-optimization and maintaining superficial client interaction.


Primary Objective:

The aim was to increase sales and reduce ACOS, optimize advertising expenses, and boost organic sales.


Strategy in action:

Starting in March 2022 with ad sales at $12,687 and an ACOS of 32%, our objective was to optimize these metrics and stabilize sales. We revamped the approach to advertising various product variations (SKU Variations) and collaborated closely with the client on inventory planning to prevent future stock issues.

· For the advertising campaigns, we significantly expanded their structure and diversified traffic across different SKUs based on relevant queries and targets. This was done to mitigate any significant sales drop if a particular SKU variation ran out of stock.
· We also created new video creatives, conducted a photo shoot for almost all products, and updated the listings with these new banners.
· Identifying "Low-Hanging Fruits," we noticed poor performance in frequent search queries related to certain product sizes. We advised the client on which variations to add to the listing, leading to an increase in sales.



Starting from December 2022, the ad sales reached $24,119 with an ACOS of 23%. The Sky Rocket campaign structure, along with precise optimization and updated listings, led to a decrease in ACOS. After the Christmas Sales, we maintained sales volume and ACOS. January 2023 sales exceeded client expectations, reaching $20,836 at an ACOS of 28%. Our optimization significantly drove organic traffic, doubling sales throughout the year.

By December 2023, we achieved new records for the client, with ad sales surpassing $32,000 at an ACOS of 24%.



We continue to work with this client, extending beyond just PPC advertising. Before initiating a campaign, we conduct a comprehensive business analysis, involving evaluations by marketing, PPC, and SEO specialists. Our work's key aspect is the synergy of our specialists and our proprietary software. This comprehensive approach allowed us to implement a new structure in the client's business and double sales within the first ten months of collaboration.

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