Increased Sales by 328% in 6 Months Without Raising Bids and Stabilized ACOS at 30%

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Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry



Our objective extended beyond just a 50% increase in sales and profit; it also encompassed optimizing management and analytics for effective inventory planning. We successfully achieved these goals, surpassing expected outcomes. Sales grew by 328%, and we automated inventory planning, significantly easing the management process for the business owner.



Our team faced stagnating sales in a client's small niche with an overloaded listing of over 50 product variations, complicating management and data analysis.


Primary Objective:

The primary objective was to increase sales by 50%, simplify management, and ensure sustainable growth, enabling the owner to sell the business profitably.


Strategy in action:

We conducted a detailed report on variations, clustering them, and selecting appropriate targets and keywords for each cluster, creating a hierarchy based on main keywords. Despite low traffic in the niche, we utilized our Sky Rocket setup system to establish a broad structure of ad campaigns to attract additional traffic. We simplified reporting and inventory forecasting. We achieved results earlier than anticipated, even before fully implementing the planned actions, and without



We achieved a 328% increase in sales, and inventory planning was automated, simplifying management for the owner. Consequently, the owner sold the business at a profitable price in October as planned.



Proper analytics and strategic actions allowed us to reach and even surpass our goals in just six months of collaboration.

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