Tripled the Client's Sales in 4 Months and Reduced ACOS from 66% to 29%

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Managing 12 ASINs, within just four months, we not only achieved but also exceeded our set goals. We successfully tripled sales and reduced the ACOS from 66% to 29%.



The client sought experienced specialists to thoroughly analyze and optimize their existing ad campaigns to increase sales and reduce ACOS, aiming to maximize the profitability of their ad budget and business margin.


Primary Objective:

The client's business was in its developmental stage. The category of paper books is challenging in advertising, yet we set a goal to double sales and reduce ACOS by 50%.


Strategy in action:

We started working with the client in June 2022, with ad sales at $6,280 and an ACOS of 66%. After conducting a detailed audit, we refined the product listings, added several key advantages, and worked on SEO titles while simultaneously focusing on advertising. Our SkyRocket setup system was implemented to create a broad structure for ad campaigns, allowing us to reduce ad rates and expand the target volume through our software and PPC experts.



Managing 12 ASINs, we surpassed our targets within four months, tripling sales and reducing ACOS from 66% to 29%. Throughout the year, we achieved more than a twofold decrease in ACOS and a threefold increase in sales. Despite a downturn in trend and rating issues with key products, we advised the client to expand their product line for more effective ad campaigns.



Our long-term collaboration with the client went beyond standard PPC advertising, starting with an in-depth analysis involving marketing, PPC, and SEO experts. Utilizing our custom software for campaign setup and optimization and the professional work of our PPC specialists, we implemented a new structure in the client's ad campaigns, tripling sales in the first four months.

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