Increased Advertising Sales Tenfold, Reduced ACOS from 67% to 49%. Created Rapid Growth for a New Brand

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Over the course of our six-month collaboration, we successfully increased our client's sales to $24,671 with an ACOS of 49%.



In the highly competitive cosmetics niche, where high bids are a norm, it's extremely challenging for newcomers to make sales without operating at a loss for a considerable period. The client, a new entrant selling skincare products on Amazon, needed an efficient structure for their advertising campaigns and refined listings based on user queries. Their goal was to increase sales and optimize advertising expenses to avoid significant losses in the first 12 months.


Primary Objective:

The primary objective was to establish a structured approach for advertising campaigns, boost organic visibility through Amazon PPC, increase sales, and reduce the ACOS to half of the current rates.


Strategy in action:

Starting in July 2023, with initial ad sales at $2,453 and an ACOS of 67%, we first conducted a competitor and client account audit, identifying weaknesses in the listing and improving it with SEO-focused content and product descriptions. Preparing the account for an expanded campaign structure, we set up and optimized listings as needed.

Our SkyRocket system was employed to create a comprehensive and effective ad campaign structure. Combining our software with in-depth PPC expertise, we developed extensive campaigns across various ad formats. This strategy enabled us to lower bids and expand target reach.



Over six months of collaboration, we successfully increased the client's sales to $24,671 with an ACOS of 49%.



In working with this client, we went beyond the traditional role of PPC specialists, becoming long-term business partners focused on enhancing their business profitability. We played a pivotal role in increasing their profits and continue to work on the strategy we developed for further business scaling.

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