Reduced ACOS from 129% to 31% and Increased Advertising Sales Eightfold

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Grocery & Gourmet Food



We conducted a PPC audit, identifying irrelevant expenses and growth opportunities. We reoriented ad campaigns towards highly relevant traffic and utilized our Sky Rocket setup system to establish a broad ad campaign structure. Our strategic approach, based on thorough auditing and correct traffic distribution, was key to achieving such impressive results for our client.



The client faced several challenges, including an extremely high ACOS of 129%, a Total ACOS of 60%, declining organic sales, and high advertising bids in their niche.


Primary Objective:

The primary task was to increase sales and reduce the Total ACOS to 15%.


Strategy in action:

We started with a comprehensive PPC audit to identify inefficiencies in spending. We then implemented a strategy focused on attracting highly relevant traffic. Our Sky Rocket setup system was used to create a broad structure for campaign targeting aimed at finding low-CPC traffic, involving data analysis, adaptation, campaign creation, and monitoring for optimal efficiency.



The effective implementation of this strategy led to a reduction in ACOS from 129% to 31%, and an eightfold increase in advertising sales.



Success in a highly competitive market with high bids lies in a creative approach to traffic acquisition and optimal distribution. A tactic focused on detailed research and accurate targeting can yield impressive results.

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