From Zero to $300,000 in Sales in Two Months: The SkyRocket Setup System and Selleriti's Expert Marketing Approach

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Leveraging a broad structure of advertising campaigns and our marketing expertise, we attracted significant traffic to a new product with no reviews and managed to achieve $300,000 in ad sales in just two months.



Our client approached us with a new product line – 5 ASINs lacking reviews and with poorly optimized listings, missing A+ content. Faced with these conditions, there was a pressing need for a rapid sales boost for these products.


Primary Objective:

To maximize the search activity for the products in order to drive sales, despite the absence of reviews and weak listings.


Strategy in action:

Utilizing our SkyRocket setup system, we focused on a well-calibrated setup of ad campaigns, selecting key targets from search queries. Surprisingly, the results exceeded all expectations; we managed to boost not only the ad but also organic sales, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach to management and sales scaling.



In two months, ad sales reached $300,000, which was a pleasant surprise for both us and the client, especially considering the starting positions.



This case proves that even new products without a history of reviews can achieve outstanding results with the right approach to advertising and marketing. In this case, approximately 25% of the success was attributed to branded queries for the products, with the remainder down to our system and management strategy. This illustrates that proper setup and marketing strategy can work wonders, even with the most modest beginnings.

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